Gryphon Training And Consulting LLC.

Gryphon Training And Consulting LLC.

Gryphon is a consulting firm that specializes in individual, and small business growth. We also help businesses build a friendly and productive culture so that their employees are more satisfied, and passionate about their work.

“Gryphon took my idea and surpassed my wildest dreams. The Gryphon team knew what I wanted and turned it into something that I could use that was way more than I expected.”

– Brandon, Arlington, TX

Problems we solve…


Creating an environment that is uniquely your own can be a daunting task. Gryphon assists businesses in building a professional culture that reflects the business brand, promotes creativity and a higher productivity.


Operations are necessary for creating a business that promotes development and improvement of employees and processes for increased satisfaction at work. Let Gryphon asses where your weaknesses are then formulate a plan to help your team maximize efficiency.

Career Services

Interview techniques, professional decorum coaching resume development, online professional presence, and even skills training. Gryphon can prepare an ideal candidate to fit their next work position perfectly.

“I couldn’t figure out why my employees would start their jobs so pumped and full of ideas, then 6 months later they were leaving or defeated. Gryphon solved my problem, then helped me figure out how to keep the momentum going.”

Allen, San Antonio, TX

Development & Coaching

With over 50 years combined teaching experience, the Gryphon team assists individuals, departments, and entire companies learn the skills they need to be more confident and better prepared in any role.

Benefits & Finance

Build value in your employees and show them their health and financial future matter to you. Gryphon assists in college repayment plans, retirement, savings, investment options, health benefits, accident policies, and so much more.

Process & Structure

Organization, management, effective communication and processes, team-building, and improvement of structure are a specialty of Gryphon. We help you find the maximum efficiency no matter the team or department size.

“I just needed the people in my community to know I existed… Gryphon did that, then taught me how to keep my online presence growing.

Nancy, Schulenburg, TX

Our Process…

Plan & Organize

Gryphon analyzes your business practices, team and department practices, and organization, as well as what the industry standard is, and what others may be doing better. Our team then builds a plan that will help you streamline your business processes and give you the advantage you need to excel.

Support & Review

Gryphons plan always contains specific and measurable goals, that we walk you through. Before implementation, your business and our team collaborates on those goals. Additionally we make sure that any new skills or processes that are planned have space for growth and continued productivity.


Gryphon walks you through the implementation process and helps your team adopt any new methodologies. We then continue to provide support until you are surpassing your own expectations. Our consultants pride themselves on consistently being available throughout the process.

“I wanted to be the candidate that stood out for my promotion, not only did Gryphon help me with my resume and interview skills, but they updated my online profiles and helped me learn a program that was necessary for the promotion… and I got it!”

– Melissa, Fort Worth, TX
About Us

Gryphon believes that building businesses is based on partnerships and communication. It is all about people, and believing that motivating them and building value in them is what defines a company, and makes it what it is.

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