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We believe that building businesses is based on partnerships and communication. It is all about people, and believing that motivating them and building the value of your employees is what defines a company and makes it what it is.

Gryphon strives to better our clients business environment through education, advice, and a high moral operating standard. With Gryphon you are guaranteed professionalism, dependability, and an unparalleled willingness to accommodate our clients’ unique needs. As a small business we are entirely focused on ensuring that the services we provide are individualized for every business that we work with.

Our ultimate goal is to assist businesses in being as efficient as possible. This means different things for different businesses, so we are here to asses needs and accommodate accordingly.

Our Executive Team…

Rachel Rogstad

Managing Consulting Director

Rachel Rogstad started her professional career as a program administrator in the non-profit world. She has helped to write grants and implement community partnerships that have led to sustainable programs that benefit rural education.

Rachel also worked as a college instructor since 2005 in the tech field, she specialized in career and workforce education training.

Rachel is one of the founding directors of Gryphon, leads the Professional Development and Training Department, and customizes each package for each client of Gryphon.

Giquan Garrett

Managing Benefits Director

Giquan began his career in the insurance field and specialized in providing small businesses with resouces to assist them in covering their employee’s health needs.

In addition, Giquan has spent over 5 years training new insurance agents how to be successfull.

Giquan enables Gryphon to provide a multitude of insurance options to the table, and provide knowledge and training to business owners looking for more information.

Cody Roberts

Managing Networking Director

Cody started his career as a professional chef in Austin, then moved into music management, sales, and corporate partnerships.

With Cody’s plethora of experiences, one thing has remained constant… training, advising, and mentoring others…

At Gryphon, Cody works with our clients to promote their businesses locally, help them build relationships and partnerships with others, and create custom plans with each business to help them grow within their community.

Founding Directors

Doriana Villegas, Steven Villarreal, and Rachel Rogstad

Steven Villareal, Doriana Villegas, and Rachel Rogstad Founded Gryphon Training and Consulting in 2016. They started serving small businesses in Flatonia, TX. Doriana Villegas still does outreach and works with Gryphon to train our Bilingual clients in Austin, DFW, and San Antonio. Doriana runs our Austin Office

Steven Villareal is our tech expert and has been in the IT filed since 1998. Whether you are looking for security, firewalls, or creating a simple website or application he can do it. Steven runs our San Antonio Office, although he serves our clients from all over the great state of Texas.

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Gryphon believes that building businesses is based on partnerships and communication. It is all about people, and believing that motivating them and building value in them is what defines a company, and makes it what it is.

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